About ME!
The Woman Behind the lens

Asheville| Mars Hill, NC

Welcome to KISS Studios!

HI! I'm Crystal, the woman behind the LENS.


I'm a native of Western North Carolina where I currently reside in Mars Hill, NC just off Exit 3.  


taking pictures has always been my passion. 

When I was very little, I would go to my grandparents' house, where I was fascinated by her old cameras. She had Polaroid's, Kodaks, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm and of course they were just too cool not to play with. I remember running around the house with a film camera snapping away. (Best Memories of my LIFE). The sound of winding the film will forever be there.

At a young age, I realized the value of a picture when my parents introduced me to our old home videos and family photos. I remember the way It felt being able to relive those memories, and it was in that moment, I became obsessed with taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Somehow, I felt as long as I took pictures, I could preserve those memories forever.

I then began capturing moments of my everyday life and having 'photoshoots' with my friends on disposable cameras. At every family event, I was the one behind the lens. It was known that wherever I went, that I was probably the one snapping my camera.  Somehow, my family and friends knew photography was a passion of mine, before I did.  

Then one day it all clicked. I Wanted to share my love for photography with the world.

Years later, I'm still determined to make everyBODY who walks through my doors feel Accepted, Loved, and to always know that they are not alone on their self-love journey. 


Meet The Team

We have an amazing team here at KISS Studios. There are two incredible prop masters, a fun free spirited hmua, and four amazing brand ambassadors who are all goddess in their own right.  But I don't have to tell you that, they wanted to. 

"Let us capture the memories for you, so you can live in the moment." ~ Crystal Rice